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Open Carry Information

Please use the following carefully, investigate all related laws and understand them fully.   MOC and its membership attempts to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the materials presented here, but by using any of our materials, you agree to hold us harmless in any legal matter that may arise from your following any advice from this website or page.  If you do not agree to this, please do not utilize any materials here.


Quick Printable Handouts and Pocket Cards:

Open Carry Brochure - MOC Trifold
Format: PDF -  Updated: 2015 - Original Author: Various MOC Leadership members

     Michigan Open Carry. Inc's tri-fold brochure.  Great basic information to get an interested individual some more information quickly, and it even fits in your pocket fairly well.  Explains the basics of Michigan laws regarding how and where we can carry a pistol.  Very informational and well presented document.  If you need these for a specific event, contact your Regional MOC Coordinator about getting some of these from our printer, they are professionally printed and make quite an impact.


Off-limits Wallet Reference Card for Open Carry - PDF Front
Off-limits Wallet Reference Card for Open Carry - PDF Back

Michigan Open Carry Printable Business Card

Lengthier Reading Material

Open Carry Guide

     13 pages of extremely important and relevant information to Open Carry of a handgun in the State of Michigan.  Includes legal cites and is a great reference to the legality of where we carry and why we can.  If you are truly interested, make sure to read this before strapping on a handgun to your belt or elsewhere.  Know the laws, read this information and then re-read it to make sure you understood it.  Next week, read it again, these things are extremely important to know in case you run into an uniformed or anti 2nd Amendment official.

Why I Open Carry
     Many MOC members, and all other open carriers as well, carry the way they do for a variety of members.  This open to the world letter is from one of our proud members to anyone wondering why we all do what we do.  We try very hard to explain what we do and why, but time constraints often limit how much we can say to someone with questions.  Open Carry is in our hearts deeply, and our organization hopes this letter can shed some light on why we do what we do to those who do not understand it but wish to hear more about the why.



Legal Updates and Precedents


Michigan Compiled Law Excerpts


MCL 28.422 - Purchase Permit Requirements

MCL 28.422a - Pistol Registration Requirements and exemptions for CPL holders

MCL 28.425 a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p - Concealed Carry Law

MCL 123.1102 .1103 .1101 (Definitions) - Michigan Firearm Law Preemption

MCL 750.222 - Definitions

MCL 750.227 - Penalty for Non CPL Holder Carrying Concealed

MCL 750.234d - Non CPL Holder Pistol Free Zones

MCL 750.237 - Penalty for Firearm Possession While Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

MCL 750.237a - Penalty for Weapons Possession in Weapons Free School Zones


Supreme Court Decisions

Chicago v McDonald - Reversal of handgun ban in Chicago

DC v Heller - Reversal of Washington, DC regulation regarding accessibility of handguns

Florida v JL - Anonymous tip and/or mere possession of a firearm is not probable cause for a Terry Stop


Attorney General Opinions

AG Opinion 6280 - Definitions of Short Barrelled Rifles and Shotguns and "Michigan Pistols"

AG Opinion 7113 - Pistol Free Zones do not apply if you Open Carry and have a CPL


Michigan State Police Legal Updates
** All contain information pertaining to Open Carry

MSP Legal Update - April 2007 - 198953 - 7

MSP Legal Update - May 2007 - 198956-7

MSP Legal Update No.66 - 238184-7

MSP Legal Update No.86 - 2-336854-7