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MOC preparing to file suit against a K-12 School District

Read here for more information on our K-12 Lawsuit

Michigan Open Carry, Inc (MOC) is in the beginning phases of preparing a lawsuit against a K-12 school district.  Since we don't plan to be filing the lawsuit for approximately 2 more months, we will be keeping the details very sparse for now.  Please don't ask us for more information. We will not provide anything beyond what is below at this time.

What we can say:

  1. We are partnering with a named plaintiff/individual who is presently aggrieved by his child's K-12 school under threat of trespass.
  2. We will be filing the suit in a State Circuit Court (this will not be a Federal 1983 case such as Deffert v Grand Rapids).  We will be seeking injunctive relief.  We hope this case will go (at least) to the Michigan Court of Appeals so it will set binding precedent throughout the State of Michigan.
  3. We believe K-12 school districts are preempted from enacting firearm policies under CADL v. MOC and we are willing to go to court to get an injunction to back up this belief.
  4. It is our assertion a person can lawfully open carry in a school, if they have a CPL.  Our belief in this is founded in:
    1. A plain letter of the law reading of MCL 750.237a and MCL 28.425o
    2. Michigan Attorney General Opinion 7113
    3. Michigan State Police Legal Update 86
  5. MOC and our plaintiff will be represented by Dean Greenblatt (Our attorney who successfully represented us in CADL v MOC).
  6. We will need your help to fund this case.  Please consider a reoccurring or special one-time donation today by visiting our donation page and making a generous one-time donation to our legal fund or sign-up for a reoccurring legal fund donation of $5-$25 per month.

We cannot emphasize enough: our ability to prosecute this case up to and through the Michigan Court of Appeals depends upon your generous donations to our legal fund.  Won't you consider donating today?

Donate to our legal fund today!

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